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Make A Wish : Shiksha Ki Asha

In this pandemic situation, Children are facing a lot of issues and problems like they now have no access to schools. While a lot of children have the means for online classes, underprivileged children deprives of learning as they have no access to computers or smart phones. These children already have had arduous journeys, having fought the shackles of poverty, child labor, and much more to finally reach school. But the pandemic has reversed their years of struggle. 

For lakhs of such children, education has come to a halt. They cannot afford smart phones and count on support of parents for home learning. Shiksha Ki Aashh JMV Child care foundation initiative that is providing underprivileged children access to continuous learning. Despite everything they have not given upon education, they continue to dream. 

So join hands with us to help these little dreamers continue their education and Nutrition 

We will pack each Kit of Joy will with nutritious food items, immunity boosters, hygiene kit, and learning materials. Your contribution will significantly support a child’s health, immunity, hygiene, and education during this crisis.

Nutrition for children


Your make a wish and hope gives those children better life in pandemic

Inspiring stories

“My father is daily wagers. When the lockdown started, for some time we managed, but after that there were many issues. Even arranging food became difficult. JMV child care arranged kit of joy included Education, Hygiene and Dry Nutrition. It’s helped me grown up. | hope that this new way of life will be good for everyone.”