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Livelihood: Mission kaushal

Mission Kaushal The youth comprises over one-third of the India’s population, which makes up a major part of the labour force of the country. The number of underprivileged youth in India who lack education and proper guidance is so humongous. It is not their lack of knowledge that is the reason for this. It is because they do not possess the right skills and attitude. To channelize the energy of the underprivileged youth, it is crucial they get proper direction and learning aid in their economic growth and make them contribute to nation building.


We observe key skill gaps and shortage of quality workers at the minimally skilled and semi-skilled levels, inadequate availability of skill sets and project management skills., orientation to develop and adhere to safety norms at construction site, most of work ethics casual in work, absenteeism, unwillingness to work, etc. JMV Child Care foundation has been running vocational skill development programs to bridge this gap. It has covered a wide gamut of learning for youth from basic computer and English speaking to retail and hospitality services.

Key Focus Areas

  • To provide practical based training.
  • To approach for better placement.
  • To provide Soft skill / Life skill training under Employees.
  • To develop Engagement.
  • Seek campus Interviews by potential employers.

What we did last year

  • 51% of the total youth beneficiaries were girls.
  • 9,000 youth trained, 6000 youth placed till date. Out of the total youth enrolled under Youth skills program so far, 93% successfully completed their training.
  • We conducted 101 exposure visits during the year across the country.

Inspire story

“JMV Child Care has given me hope and “Livelihood: Mission Kaushal” has helped me aspiration big Aim.”


Roshni’s father, a hardworking man, worked day and night to feed his family and educate his children. She has two sisters who are still studying and after passing her 10th standard it became very hard for her father to support the education of all three of his daughters. Roshni as a result dropped further studies and began looking for a job. Her lack of technical knowledge and English-speaking skills proved to be a major hurdle. She struggled to find a good job until she found out about journal moral velopment Child Care Foundation’s Mission Kaushal programme from a friend. Roshni enrolled for the six months’ course and honed her English-speaking skills and computer skills. The personality development classes helped her groom her manners. Armed with this set of skills, Shahina landed a job as Computer Operator cum sales person at a well-known jewelry shop. Roshni now helps her father in managing the household and providing for her sister’s education. And she is thankful to “Mission Kaushal” for infusing confidence and zeal to work hard in her.